Sunday, January 15

Gemini & scorpio loft
267 douglass st., 3rd floor

Remember that idea you had?

You mentioned it to a friend at a party and they said “Hmmm”

You explained it again and they said “That’s cool”

You showed them a picture and they said “Oh I think I understand”

And then they sort of changed the subject?

What if we threw a party for you to tell your idea to a room full of friends and strangers?
Oh and also its a potluck

Feedback is an Open Platform style event that solicits presenters, accountability buddies, interactive workshops, casual DJ’s and potluck mavens who are all committed to a full day of exchanging ideas and nourishing the community. Don’t expect a full day of lectures–there will be plenty of break out time to shmooze, check in and dance it up. 

Sign up today to select your role or just RSVP to attend, but remember “Art is not a spectator sport"


Commit to presenting your idea on a small stage, with access to a microphone and a projector. You’re encouraged to bring your own accountability buddy (or have us assign a random one to you!) who will help you prepare your presentation in the week prior to the event. You’ll have 3-5 minutes on stage and you can request specific feedback about your idea. And then you’re done!

Workshop facilitator

Want to bring a small group of people together in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas in a unique and engaging way? This one’s for you! Workshops should last no more than 15 minutes and should engage 2-7 people at a time. Please be prepared to run your workshop for at least 90 minute over the course of the event

Accountability buddy

Gently remind your Presenter or Workshop Facilitator about the timeline for a first draft, provide initial feedback and encouragement up until the big (small) moment. Check in with them afterwards about the feedback received.

Potluck maven

Bring the yummy. Nourishing mains, sides, desserts and beverages will be encouraged from any and all willing to participate. Bonus points for those who can help ensure good menu signage for sensitive eaters and keep the potluck space sanitary and tidy. Soliciting feedback on your dish is encouraged but not required.

casual dj

We’re seeking just a few 30 minute sets of music to fill in the spaces around the ideas. We’d love a range from ambient brain food to sick-ass-get-downs.


What kind of idea am I supposed to present?

We’re accepting a wide array of presentations:

-An art project you are engaged in, or want to get engaged in

-An issue that you feel is important and are curious how to get more people interested

-A social experiment

-A road trip, joke or recipe

-NOT anything entrepreneurial or money-making

-NOT anything that brings up baggage from previous projects or relationships

-NOT anything that you are staunchly set on and simply trying to recruit people to help you with–all presentations should be truly seeking feedback 

What exactly does an accountability buddy do?

-At the very least you’re a warm body that can contact your presenter and remind them of the timeline (see below)

-At the very most you are a warm but firm human that is very responsive whatever communication portal the presenter prefers, and asks the following questions out loud

-What is the goal for this presentation?

-What feedback is this presentation seeking?

-Considering the previous answers, does this presentation make sense?

-Once the presentation makes sense, can we make it more fun for everyone?


What kind of workshops are you looking for?

-Idea generation and refinement workshops

-How to help others manifest ideas

-Logistics of mobile artwork

-How to build a creative scaffolding

-Exploring inspiration: how can you honor an idea that came from something else, all while making your idea unique?

-NOT a workshop limited to building or honing a single skill

How about the potluck thing? What kind of dish should I bring

-A dish that recalls a memory of your creative culinary experience 

-A dish that is informed by a learning experience in your culinary history

-An experiment that you are particularly seeking experience and feedback on


Jan 7 – Form expires for Presenters

Jan 8 – Accountability Buddy should receive first contact (can be first draft, notes, thoughts, etc.)

Jan 12 – Presenter provides first run through in real time (IRL or zoom)

Jan 14 – Presenter provides final draft including speaker notes

*Accountability Buddy is NOT required to give feedback on final draft

hot tips

-DONT just read what is on the screen. 

-Let images or video (not text) carry the visual presentation

-Provide a headline and some bullet points at most 

-When speaking to the audience make sure to tell the story behind each slide 

-let folks inside your head and explain how, to you, slide 1 leads to slide 2 leads to slide 3, etc.,

-Bring one note card per slide, but don’t read it verbatim. Let the notes on the card inspire what you want to say to the audience

-Finish this sentence “The reason I’m presenting this is because…”

-At the end of your presentation, make sure to say precisely what part of your presentation you are seeking feedback on. Feel free to take your time, even though you’re standing on a stage in a room full of people, to write down the feedback that you find important. This is your time to receive feedback. Make sure you receive it.