🪬Sept 29🪬


The Revelation Rally is an “overnight” costumed, point-to-point, team-based competitive scavenger hunt/rally on electric vehicles with 2 (or fewer) wheels. Participants organize into scooter cults of at least 2 people, 1 electric vehicle. No more than 8 people per cult.

This will be a combo checkpoint race/scavenger hunt, meaning you’ll have to go to places (aka checkpoints) and do things at those places (aka checkpoint challenges) but, along the ride you can pick up extra points by finding/doing things from the scavenger list. You win by being the most awesome (awesomeness is judged by awesome judges and your fellow competitors) and collecting the most points.


Assemble your friends into a themed cult, race across the city performing tasks at different checkpoints,  participate in hilarious shenanigans, and win a sacred object

On Saturday, Sept 23 a quest like no other shall unfold.
From the realms above, two divine messengers decree a rally for the brave and the bold.
They seek cults of courage, clad in costume and theme,
Riding in chariots of ELECTRICITY, chasing a shared dream.

☯ Embrace Your Destiny ☯

Journey through the realms of night where the cosmos converges on the path to the FINAL REVELATION. Traverse this realm upon your sacred electric chariot, accompanied by your fellow enlightened ones in this celestial scavenger hunt.

🛵 Summon your Cult 🛵

Gather your mystics, adventurers, and seekers. Mount your enchanted electric vehicle and embark on an epic quest across the city. 

Dress in Divinity: Form your own themed cults, and manifest your ethereal essence. A cult requires the bond of at least two souls and the spirit of one electric vehicle.

✨ The Quest ✨

Navigate treacherous checkpoints, solve ancient riddles, and face mesmerizing challenges.

Celestial Checkpoints: Fly through the night, guided by astral signs to sacred spots. Perform the rites and rituals of checkpoint challenges and bask in their divine rewards.

💫 Race for the Final Revelation 💫

An artifact of power, the “Final Revelation”. For this rally, decreed by divine messengers, seeks the worthy guardians of the sacred object and teachings. 

Awesomeness Ascends: Your journey’s worthiness will be judged by the divine messengers and your peers on this plane. Whose spirit shall shine the brightest??!
The Ultimate Uplift: The cult that rises above all will receive the FINAL REVELATION, an object of unparalleled power, and teachings that grant dominion over minds!

🔮 The Purpose 🔮

Sent forth by messengers of divine duality, this rally’s sacred mission is to find those truly worthy of the FINAL REVELATION. This isn’t just a game; it’s a cosmic contest to find those prepared to shape destinies. 

Will you rise as the chosen ones?

Harness your ride, claim the revelations, and etch your legacy in the annals of time!

🌟🌟🌟 Your destiny awaits. 🌟🌟🌟


What kind of vehicle can I use? 

If it’s electric and has no more than 2 wheels you can use it. If you want to do this on an electric skateboard you can but, trust us, it’s gonna suuuuuck.


Does it have to be electric? 

Yes.  But if you have a super awesome idea for a cult of non-electric bikes, we may bend the rules for you. MAYBE.


Oh Sweet! I’ve always wanted to use a Revel – can I just sign up for an account on the day of the event? 

NO! New revel accounts need to click through training info TWICE on a phone AND require four short practice rides between the hours of 7a and 7p before taking a Revel out at night


Is this a race? No. Speed plays no role in the scoring and coming in first wins you nothing but disdain.


Are there gonna be prizes?

Oh fuck yes. The Grand Prize is an artifact of power, the “Final Revelation”. The cult that rises above all will receive the FINAL REVELATION, an object of unparalleled power, and teachings that grant dominion over minds!


How long will this take? 

That really depends on you but, we should be done with culty Revelations things by around 230am.  


How far will we go? 

The entire route is about 16-20 miles, depending on the paths you take between checkpoints.


What kind of checkpoints/challenges will there be? 

Fun ones where you do fun stuff. Some will test your intelligence, others your strength, and still others your willingness to do ridiculous, ignorant things.


So, the checkpoints are gonna be bars like at Idiotarod?

FUCK NO! This isn’t on some Heaven’s Gate mass suicide cult shit. We DO NOT condone drunk or buzzed driving. If you get your drink on at the finish line afterparty we trust you and your cult to leave your vehicles safely until the next day, or establish designated drivers.


Where does it start? A park in Brooklyn. No, not that one. We’ll announce it the day before the rally.

How much does it cost?

Were asking $10 suggested donation per rider. If you want to rent a Revel, a 12 hour pass is $40.99 plus a $1 unlock fee and a $1.50 insurance fee. To purchase a Ride pass, head to the ‘Pricing’ tab within the app. 


Can I get a discount code?

Probably! If you start a new membership you can send a friend 50% off their first week and it gets you $5 off for every person you recommend. So how good of a cult leader are you? For a 50% discount to individuals who are eligible or actively participating in any local, state or federally administered assistance program click here.

Is this sponsored by Revel?

Nope! We just enjoy a bit of wordplay. You can use whatever electric vehicle you please.


What kind of attire should we wear? Create a cult. Have a theme. Dress as that culty theme dictates.


Whyyyyyy? The heavens and the lands below dictate that we do this. It isn’t our choice. We are mere messengers.